Entry Ecency Art Contest - UNIQUE but CONNECTED

Dear Community, here is my entry to the @ecency Art Contest by @melinda010100 and @barbara-orenya



I did another "Neurographic", because this technique is a symbol what ecency is to me. So many different people, getting easily connected in a wonderful way. And this is also the main thing with the neurodraphics, connecting everything with another. Everyone unique but all together connected on the HIVE chain.

Let me show you the making of:




I've made a scan from this drawing before colouring it, so if anybody wants to, I can give this scan to colour it by yourself. There are a million posibilities this drawing could look like, dependig on the choosen colours.


In my flow of creation and colouring, I missed to take a picture from the colouring process.

Real funny:


Just by chance this little creature came into my picture, do you know him? Thats the best with neurographics, you never can plan what comes out. And mostly during the colouring you see some things in it.


A dolphin and another little creature :-)

ECENCY was my doorway to HIVE: As I'm still not very familiar with kryptos, it was a easy way to step into this world. But, I have to say, it was not easy for me, to find german explanations, how this all works. To be honest, I still have enough to learn ;-)
As my english is not that good at all, in technical questions it's really difficult to understand things. I happily found the way to the german community #Deutsch D-A-CH and The Terminal, where I found help and a lot of very nice people.

I think, there should be an external Ecency site on the web, where absolutely newbees are given a short essential introduction how it works. I know, there are a lot of informations on the chain, but stepping new into it they are difficult to find.


I'm here for a month and I found a lot of very charming people, in some cases it's difficult for me to have some deeper conversations, because of the language barrier, but I hope to learn speaking better english.

As always :-) I hope you enjoyed :-) B. ~ ~

for all interested in this contest, there are still 2 days left to send your entry. Here you find the informations:

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