How to vote content on Ecency?

There are 2 kind of voting on Ecency:

  • Upvote
  • Downvote



You can promote the author and their content by upvoting.

For giving your upvotes click which you can see after the post. Here you can further choose your voting weight with slider. After choosing percentage from slider, click upvoting button, that's it. Voting slider shows estimated vote value noticeable when you have more Hive Power at stake. That way you see how much potential reward, you want to allocate or give to authors. Consistently receiving upvote on content/post will increase reputation of the author as well. When account is new and doesn’t have any Hive at stake yet, they don’t notice anything big. Upvote value will have same strength according to Hive Power stake account holds. The more you hold more you have influence over which content gets into Trending and Hot topics across the network. Having more Hive Power is always great that gives you more Resource Credits as well so you can perform more operations on platform.



Reporting the content or disagreeing with potential pending reward of particular post or post which is abusive or disrespectful towards others, you can downvote them. Downvoting is negative upvoting potentially removing some reward from author. Downvoting will also influence author's reputation and overall influence how much potentially content will earn. Here also Hive Power stake plays major role, if someone with more Hive Power upvotes while smaller stake downvotes, reputation and reward effects are less.

For giving your downvotes click and choose your voting slider. After choosing downvote percentage, click on downvote button to cast a vote. That's it!


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